7 Things You Can Do When You Start Measuring Community

  1. Empower your community stars — Understand who your most engaged members are — perhaps even per segment of your community, and see how you can further empower them to keep bringing your community to life.
  2. Segment your community and engage accordingly — Once you understand what the engagement profiles of your individual members are, you can approach them accordingly. For example, if one of your residents is naturally connecting with many newcomers see if you can involve them more strategically in your onboarding program.
  3. Help your team allocate their time better — everyone only has 24 hours in their day, so measuring your community allows you and your team to allocate time better: Who did not yet have the right onboarding experience yet, who are the members that are not integrated yet, who are the super connectors and what do they need to thrive, etc.
  4. Ensure onboarding success — how you onboard your members is critical to their overall engagement with your community. So making sure they get off to the right start (are they connecting and interacting? Were they properly welcomed by the community?) will make them, and in turn you, more successful.
  5. See who needs help — who are the less engaged members in your community, or those whose engagement dropped? It is perhaps good to proactively check in with them to see how they are doing and if everything is alright (maybe, you can help them get back into the groove and as result, help increase the probability of them sticking around for longer).
  6. Optimise your engagement strategy — measure what works for your community and focus more on that. For example, what types of events are more popular than others? Are some people more engaged than others, and what do they have in common? Did your new onboarding flow result in a more, or less engaged cohort? Keep measuring, and do more of what works!
  7. Understand how community impacts your bottom line — track the duration of stay not only per person, but also aggregate it across the various segments. How much longer are people staying once they are engaged with your community? Add referrals and your increased reach to it and start seeing how your community-building activities directly translate into business success!
  • About Michael: Michael is co-founder and CEO at Obeyo. Passionate about connecting people, he loves to explore ideas at the intersection between community, shared-living, and technology. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.
  • About Obeyo: Obeyo is the first all-in-one residential living platform built around the learnings from 100+ shared living operators.



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Michael Steinmann

Michael Steinmann

Co-Founder and CEO at Obeyo | Passionate about creating and scaling start-ups/scale-ups in the prop-tech and ed-tech space.