The Ultimate Guide to Running and Scaling Residential Communities —
The Residential Community Builders Framework

  • Part 1 — Laying the right foundations for a vibrant community
  • Part 2 — How to build a strong residential community
  • Part 3 — How to unlock the business value of community
  • Part 4 — How to measure your Community’s Success
  • Part 5 — How to secure your competitive advantage with a residential community
  • About Michael: Michael is co-founder and CEO at Obeyo. Passionate about connecting people, he loves to explore ideas at the intersection between community, shared-living, and technology. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.
  • About Obeyo: Obeyo is the first all-in-one residential living platform built around the learnings from 100+ shared living operators.



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Michael Steinmann

Michael Steinmann

Co-Founder and CEO at Obeyo | Passionate about creating and scaling start-ups/scale-ups in the prop-tech and ed-tech space.